Wednesday, 23 February 2011

its been a while...

ok so as its been SUCH a long time since i last posted i thought i would give it a bash and let a few of you out there an incite into what has been going on in jolly ol' blighty and a little about myself since my last post in october...
well what can i say, there was snow...a LOT of snow, the main airports all shut down (unnecessarily) the roads closed and pretty much everyone didn't get to work so essentially britain stopped for a few weeks, but hey i'm more of a glass is half full kind of guy and as soon as i saw snow all i thought was SNOWBALL FIGHT! in my personal opinion anyone who immediately doesn't think of something along those lines is a commie and thats an end of it.
ok so what else happened? ummm, oh yes the student uprising! after the board of education decided that student fee's needed a hike to support the economy but the students all got together and said NO we will simply not pay this excessive fee, so before the motion was passed there were a number of protests and subsequent riots (in which the royal family got caught up in would you believe) so you are now thinking OMG WOW british students really got there point across and there is no way the government would be stupid enough to then raise the fee? no, of course it got passed.  it turns out all of the protests were to no avail and future students will be lumped with a huge bill to go and study french? or whatever they damn well believe in! at least they tried and maybe next time they will listen! (but probably not)... so my advice is (yeah im doing advice now big woop wana fight about it?) if you're english or are deciding to attend a british university go now! or you shall forever regret having do shell out more than what is needed!
ok so thats pretty much all that has happened in england for the past 4 months now me on the other hand, i have managed to surpass one of the milestones every man has to have achieved once in his life, yes ofcourse i mean, passing my driving test! and i managed to sort myself a car and me being the good ol' british boy i am i opted for a mini not the piece of crap re-make an original 1975 austin/morris mini 1000 a proper classic. his name is gordon and he is 36 years of age (thats twice my age il have you know) and he's a right little trooper, managed to get me and a few friends 180 miles only breaking down once.
well anyway that is a little incite into what has happened to britain and my self over the past few months, thankyou for reading, stay tuned!

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  1. haha :D awesome post,
    Uni advice is very true, as you know from my last min application this year :P
    and i still havent had a ride in Gordon! lol
    (Please hold the gay jokes!)





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