Friday, 1 October 2010

Bad Teeth And Bowler Hats

First of all i will introduce myself properly, my name is john williams i’m 18 years of age and am currently doing nothing in my life.
I know not many people care about what i do in life least of all me as i’m a very undecidy person.
essentially i am a middle class bum, i’m not so far down the social ladder that i’m picking rubbish of bins but in no way am i on a par with people picking gold from betwixt their cheeks. I’m a very typical british teen...of course that statement would change somewhat of your view on a typical british person and the land in which we congregate, Let me break it down for you in a way even the americans could understand.
We as a nation do not have bad teeth
We are not all bumbling love struck fool’s (hugh grant would have you believe otherwise)
Contrary to popular belief it does not rain every day...just most days
We have more than 2 accents. we don’t all speak like the queen or someone who’s just stepped out of the east end (thats london for people not in the know)
Most of us are polite to the point of annoyance
British men are not all gay or pansies. infact its quite the opposite, you cant walk down the street with someone taking the fact that you spent 0.004 seconds looking at them as an invitation for a fight.
Now back to me, I spend most of my time wrapped up in some sort of technological caper or sleeping...I know many of you reading this will be jealous of my life but please try to carry on living in ore of this fact.
Okay i think for now i will leave you to dwell on what you have learnt about me today and i will keep you updated of any interesting facts i learn and don’t worry, I don’t plan to keep the focus on myself to much i just thought that i would give you a small insight into my life.
I am aware that many of you do not give a rats ass about me or what i have to say, so for all you lot i have installed a game to entertain your simple minds just scroll down (all the way to the bottom) and enjoy.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned :)


  1. haha was a good read man, love the british.

  2. HAHA nice read i'm british too WOLOLO 1!! check out my BRITISH blog !

  3. I really liked that i could play mario on your blog, that's a big + ...cheers!

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  5. Im so English I walk into Buckingham palace addressing the royalty..
    CHUCK, PAM.. love the gaff
    fancy a tumble?
    I heard a tour guide say the most common word he hears in England is sorry.. well I said SUPERCALLAFRAJELISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS!

    John I will endorse your blog!


  6. The games on your page are sweet and this was a great concept for a first post, I'm following ^^





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